The Herbaliser - Remedies CD

One of the earliest and finest examples of the Ninja Tune sound, Remedies is packed with the vibes that make that label special: a myriad of hip-hop-influenced beats, spaced-out samples, and gargantuan grooves!

1. Intro mp3 sample
2. Scratchy Noise mp3 sample
3. Blomp mp3 sample
4. Styles mp3 sample
5. Interloodle mp3 sample
6. Bust A Nut mp3 sample
7. Herbalize It mp3 sample
8. Real Killer Part 2 ('Rooftop Prowler') mp3 sample
9. Forty Winks
10. A Little Groove
11. Repetitive Loop (Reloop)
12. Ka Boink!!
13. Wrong Place
14. Da Trax
15. Up 4 The Get Downs
16. Bonus Track

Released 1995