The Herbaliser - FabricLive 26 CD

Fabric CDs are very much like a dancefloor mix, the kind of set that you would do if you were playing at Fabric. We didnaEU(tm)t want to make a chillout CD; this is a real party mix. aEU" Ollie Teeba, The Herbaliser

Fabric Records together with The Herbaliser are proud to present their latestaEU" FabricLive 26. Since the group formed over 10 years ago, The Herbaliser have toured the world, become a headlining festival act, produced artist albums, contributed to film soundtracks (Guy RitchieaEU(tm)s Snatch), written theme tunes (ESPNaEU(tm)s prime time Sunday Night Football) and worked with some of the most talented artists in the world. FabricLive 26 flies by in a Hip Hop heat haze. Members Ollie Teeba and Jake Wherry perform turntable gymnastics, throwing down bumping rhythms and energetic cuts and mixing up the rare, the obscure, the loved and the lost. This is an irresistible, addictive and infectious mix, blending the past, present and future of body rocking, dancefloor sounds.

1. Million Dan aEU" Dogz N Sledgez mp3 sample
2. J-Sands of the Lone Catalysts aEU" Southern Lady mp3 sample
3. RJD2 aEU" Ghostwriter mp3 sample
4. Dynamic Syncopation Feat. Mass Influence aEU" Ground Zero mp3 sample
5. Blufoot Feat. Yungun aEU" Alphabet Man mp3 sample
6. HurbyaEU(tm)s Machine Feat. Antoinette aEU" I Got An Attitude mp3 sample
7. Harry Love Feat. Verb.T, Yungun, Mystro aEU" Surprize mp3 sample
8. The Herbaliser Feat. Cappo aEU" None Other mp3 sample
9. DJ Format Feat. Abdominal & D-Sisive aEU" 3 Feet Deep (Instrumental)
10. James Brown aEU" TalkinaEU(tm) Loud and SayinaEU(tm) Nothing
11. Lefties Soul Connection aEU" Welly Wanging
12. J Rocc aEU" Play This (One)
13. Eric B. & Rakim aEU" Paid In Full (Seven Minutes of Madness aEU" The Coldcut Remix)
14. Demon Boyz aEU" Glimity Glamity
15. Cappo aEU" I.D.S.T.
16. Nextmen Feat. Dynamite MC aEU" Spin It Round
17. Jackson 5 aEU" ItaEU(tm)s Great To Be Here
18. Breakestra Feat. Chali 2NA, Soup, Double K, Wolf & Munyungo Jackson aEU" Family Rap
19. Apathy Feat. Emilio Lopez aEU" It Takes a Seven NationaEU|
20. The Herbaliser aEU" Gadget Funk
21. Flying Fish aEU" Mr. Matatwe (Keep It Up)
22. Hero No.7 aEU" Keeping it Real?
23. The Roots aEU" Boom!
24. Dynamix 2 aEU" Just Give the DJ a Break (12aEU Club Version)
25. Diplo Feat. Sandra Melody aEU" Newsflash
26. Bugz in the Attic aEU" Booty La La

Original Release Date: March 14, 2006