The Harlem Experiment CD

It started in 2001 with a simple premise: take acclaimed musicians from a shared hometown but very different musical backgrounds, put them in a funky recording studio and have them create spontaneous art. From that humble thought came the Mighty Oak known around the world as the Philadelphia Experiment and hot on its heels the underground classic Detroit Experiment. And now after 4 years of crafty deliberation, ropeadope is breaking out the lab coats once again. We headed back into the studios, setting up shop in NYC and emerged with what is fast becoming the most anticipated record of the year.

Grammy-winning producer Aaron "Ace" Levinson and ropeadope founder Andy Hurwitz have assembled another genre-bending tribute to perhaps America's greatest cultural crown jewel , Harlem USA!

The Core:
Carlos Alomar - guitar
Ruben Rodriguez - baby bass
Steve Berrios - drums
Don Byron - clarinet
Eddie Martinez - keys
Steve Bernstein - trumpet, arrangements

Also Featuring:
Queen Esther, Olu Dara, Taj Mahal, and more!

1. Intro mp3
2. One For Jackie mp3
3. Rigor Mortis mp3
4. Reefer Man mp3
5. Harlem River Drive mp3
6. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen mp3
7. Mums Interlude mp3
8. It's Just Begun mp3
9. Mambo A La Savoy
10. A Rose In Spanish Harlem
11. One For Malcolm
12. 'Lil Bit
13. Think
14. A Rose In Spanish Harlem
15. Walking Through Harlem

Released 10/30/07