The Gourds - Heavy Ornamentals CD

With "Heavy Ornamentals," The Gourds welcome you back to their porch for another drink from the jug and another helping of critic-confounding musical gumbo. Led by a pair of songwriting savants in the vein of Doug Sahm and Lowell George, The Gourds create an infectious blend of rock, country, Zydeco, soul, Tex-Mex, folk and blues that leaves the Washington Post saying, "It's hard to resist the contagious good time that the band seems to be having on every song." Flanked by a full van of guitars, violins, banjos and accordions, "This Austin institution," says the Austin Chronicle, "is as tough, colorful, and sometimes as warty as the vegetable they're named for," and with a lyrical cast of characters running the gamut from panther-killing children, trash-carrying new roommates and tobacco-skinned women to the Devil himself, Blender says, "The Gourds are strange even when they're serious."

1. Declineometer mp3
2. Burn The Honeysuckle mp3
3. Mr. Betty mp3
4. Shake The Chandelier mp3
5. New Roommate mp3
6. Hooky Junk mp3
7. Weather Woman mp3
8. Stab mp3
9. Our Patriarch mp3
10. Education Song, The mp3
11. Collection's Getting mp3
12. Pill Bug Blues mp3
13. Pick & Roll mp3

Released 1/24/06