The Gourds - Haymaker CD

Gourds Music" has its next chapter. Unclassifiable Austin sons The Gourds are back with Haymaker!, The crooked cousin to their critically acclaimed last album, Noble Creatures. On Haymaker! the band circles back, digs beneath and climbs over their gin soaked music roots with an album of grass-fed cosmic country. Rattling flourishes of soul, swamp rock and gospel rhythms spill out all over the place. Psychic songwriting apparatus Jimmy Smith, Kevin Shinyribs Russell and Max Johnston continue their chronicling of askew Texas characters who populate the subterranean Lone Star State, a world of 'Fossil Contender's', 'Luddite's', 'Valentines' and women with skin like chocolate milk, so beautiful they make married men feel no guilt. Haymaker! will undoubtedly slake the thirst of hardcore and fledgling Gourds fans alike and tip unsuspecting ears to the colorful Texas thump being laid down by this legendary band.

1 Country Love (2:43) mp3
2 Fossil Contender (3:15) mp3
3 The Way You Can Get (3:47) mp3
4 Thurman (2:39) mp3
5 New Dues (3:14) mp3
6 All the Way to Jericho (3:53) mp3
7 Valentine (3:45) mp3
8 Country Gal (4:13) mp3
9 Bridgett (3:05) mp3
10 Shreveport (4:10) mp3
11 Luddite (3:36) mp3
12 Tex - Mex Mile (3:18) mp3
13 Blanket Show (2:47) mp3
14 Tighter (3:09) mp3

Released 01/06/2009