The Electric Mudd - Back to the Deaden CD

Born in the Mississippi Delta, infused with the blues, and steeped in soul music, The Electric Mudd have formulated the recipe for Delta Swamp Boogie. Consisting of six accomplished musicians, The Electric Mudd are gaining much attention for their trademark music and high-energy performances. David Burchfield, whose powerful vocals drip over the music like southern gravy on biscuits, assaults the listeners with warm guitar leads that call up memories of San Francisco Bay area artists of the sixties. Together with Brian Ware's authentic blues licks, the duel guitarists weave melodies that wrap the listener in a blanket of groove. Drummer Jason Boyles and Percussionist Jack McWilliams make up the rhythmic onslaught that fuels their music with a plethora of energy. Keyboardist Chuck Davis' experience and casual approach adds texture and a delicate touch to the plate. Rounding out the lineup is Nick Sosebee's thunderous bass guitar, which provides a solid foundation to a powerhouse band.

The Electric Mudd formed when David, Nick, and Jason decided to leave a former band to begin exploring new territory. Having grown up together, they had developed a musical language of their own. They wrote a good deal of fresh material and pounded out the kinks, and then added McWilliams to the mix.

Back to the Deaden is the band's second full-length, and it's a wild, amped-up, scorching and spooky ride through the back roads of the Delta blues!

1- Black Soul Woman mp3
2- Little Georgia mp3
3- Medicine Sam mp3
4- Blues 101 mp3
5- Bike Song mp3
6- Driver mp3
7- Turnin' Up Jed mp3
8- Extramental mp3
9- To The Butterfly Queen

Released Sept. 2007