The Brakes - Tale of Two Cities CD

The Brakes are a Philadelphia-based band of twenty-somethings intent on staking a claim to the rich lineage of American rock music. Their debut full-length album, Tale Of Two Cities, on HYENA Records, is a 12-track collection recorded live during a dual city residency in April and May 2007. The band would head up the New Jersey Turnpike every Tuesday to set up shop at The Knitting Factory in New York City, while getting cozy with hometown fans every Thursday at MilkBoy in Philadelphia. Each show was recorded and the best performances from both cities were assembled. On standout versions of songs like Into The Ground, Big Money, Boat Trip, Song Of Imponderables, The Brakes distinguish themselves with equal parts smart indie-pop songwriting and razor sharp musicianship.

1. Into The Ground 3:50
2. Supermarket 3:31
3. Big Money 5:14
4. Cigarette In The Rain 3:30
5. Tale Of Two Cities 5:41
6. State Of The Union 4:50
7. Empty House 4:06
8. Danger Blues 4:10
9. Boat Trip 5:08
10. Song Of Imponderables 4:57
11. Who Am I To Be 4:42
12. Sister Mary 6:14

Released May 6, 2008