The Best of Del McCoury - The GrooveGrass Years CD

A few short years before Del McCoury reached his peak in popularity, he put together a band that would prove to be one of the most potent and powerful in Bluegrass music. After leaving the Rounder label with the want to move forward and push the boundaries of Bluegrass, Del signed on to be a part of an elite group of musicians, engineers and producers that would become known as The GrooveGrass Boyz.

At that point The Del McCoury Band would record what would arguably become the best sounding, hardest hitting Bluegrass of his career. He recorded for the first time with icons Doc Watson, Mac Wiseman and Bootsy Collins. His foray into GrooveGrass, a mash-up of Hip Hop and Bluegrass, would thrust him into a demographic that didnaEU(tm)t even know Bluegrass existed while at the same time staying true to his Bluegrass roots. Though this album contains 9 Bluegrass tracks and only one GrooveGrass track, the Bill Monroe classic "Can't You Hear Me Calling" with Funk pioneer and icon Bootsy Collins, the rest is true, hardcore, old school, Bluegrass music. Just the way we like it. Give it a listen and see what you think.

1. Get Down On Your Knees and Pray mp3 sample
2. I Feel The Blues Movin' In mp3 sample
3. I've Endured mp3 sample
4. Speak To Me Little Darlin' mp3 sample
5. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight mp3 sample
6. Beauty Of My Dreams mp3 sample
7. I'll Sail My Ship Alone mp3 sample
8. White House Blues mp3 sample
9. Can't You Hear Me Calling?
10. More Pretty Girls Than One

Released October 7, 2008