The Band - Syria Mosque 1970 - The Pennsylvania Broadcast CD


Hot on the heels of The Band's third album, Stage Fright, released in August 1970, the guys went straight back on tour again, having only recently come off the road from promoting their second, eponymous record. By now both critical darlings and the name other rock stars loved to drop, the new tour proved their most successful yet. So when they played the 3,700 capacity  performance venue, The Syria Mosque, located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, not only did the group fill every last seat , but the entire show was broadcast across the USA on syndicated FM radio stations.

Featuring a setlist comprising numbers from The Band's three albums so far, alongside a raucous rendition of Little Richard's 'Slippin' & Slidin'', this recording, released here for the first time, reads like a live greatest hits record, featuring as it does the very finest material these five musical overachievers ever performed.