The Assembly of Dust - Found Sound CD

Assembly of Dust's 2011 release Found Sound represents a "behind the curtain" look at a band that hasgained notoriety as a studio/live performance hybrid. AOD's crew secretly recorded the band in orderto capture totally inspired, unfiltered versions of their best material. While the album maintains thewell crafted songs and lyrical depth that Genauer and Co. are known for, it separates itself from pastefforts with an energetic delivery that showcases true musicianship. The energy captured on FoundSound represents what fans from coast to coast have known for years; music's best kept secret mayhave just been found.

Track List:
1. Zero to the Skin listen
2. Feline Disguise listen
3. Long Dead listen
4. Drawn listen
5. Songbeard listen
6. Borrowed Feet listen
7. Cabin John listen
8. Lady Madonna listen

Released in March 2011