Supergenerous - Sao Paulo Slim CD

Bolstered by Cyro Baptista's inventive and surreal percussion madness, Supergenerous doles out, um, generous portions of musical eclecticism by way of traditional songs, Brazilian influences, jazz telepathy, and satisfying rock wierdness. With special guest vocal help from Cassandra Wilson and Sue Patrick Breit, this album's songs come alive with a trippy tropical intensity that is nearly indescribable!

Supergenerous is:
Kevin Breit - guitar
Cyro Baptista - percussion
Ian de Souza - bass

1- World Without Words mp3 sample
2- God Didn't Make No Walmart mp3 sample
3- Sao Paulo Slim Rides Again! mp3 sample
4- I Ain't Ever Satisfied mp3 sample
5- Embolada Atomica mp3 sample
6- Pining For Fall mp3 sample
7- Home on the Range mp3 sample
8- Ye-Me-Le mp3 sample
9- Ms. Audrey Hepburn
10- Cut Your Toenails Baby (Cuz You're Rippin' the Sheets)
11- Had No Other Choice
12- Midnight Cowboy
13- Everybody's Talkin'

Released 2008