Sunfold - Toy Tugboats CD

Everything from jazz to electronic, folk to power pop and all psychedelic stops in between are found on this album from the members of Annuals! Consisting of all the members of Annuals, Sunfold is a musical endeavor headed by vocalist/guitarist Kenny Florence. Many people have asked why the band should be two instead of just one band with two songwriters. However, after hearing the gigantic difference in musical aesthetic between the two, the reason becomes apparent. While sharing many of the same influences and ultimately the same vision of creating captivating, original music, Adam Baker (Annuals frontman) and Kenny Florence have chosen different paths to the apex. The purpose of Sunfold is to rediscover the sense of uninhibited exploration of melody and harmony that is always present in the pioneering of a genre and mold it into a sound that is reflective of past and present musical paradigms, without getting stuck in any particular formula. Luckily, Kenny has found himself surrounded by a group of close friends and talented musicians who share his insistence on constantly moving forward. Florence's lyrics reflect a sincere fascination with nature and existence, being heavily influenced by Eastern mysticism and metaphysics as well as mathematical thought.

1. Oregon mp3 sample
2. Shrinking The Sphere mp3 sample
3. Sailed Off To The Sea mp3 sample
4. Gnosis mp3 sample
5. To Wake The Eye mp3 sample
6. GorgA(c)e de Rubis mp3 sample
7. Shapeshiftin' mp3 sample
8. Sara The American Winter mp3 sample
9. Osk
10. Holding The Charm

Released July 2008