Steel Pulse - True Democracy CD (remastered)

One of the cornerstones of reggae music, Steel Pulse's True Democracy is a classic from start to finish. The 1982 album has been remastered, and four righteous bonus tracks have been added to make this an even more revelatory listening experience!

1. Chant A Psalm
2. Ravers
3. Find It...Quick
4. A Who Responsible?
5. Worth His Weight In Gold (Rally Round)
6. Leggo Beast
7. Blues Dance Raid
8. Your House
9. Man No Sober
10. Dub' Marcus Say
11. Ravers (12" Version)
12. Leggo Beast (12" Version)
13. Your House (Dub Version)
14. A Who Responsible (Dub Version)

Originally released 1982, re-released 2005