Soul Coughing - Tokyo, Japan 2/2 & 2/3/97

Recorded in the middle of what many consider to be the band's heyday, this show is rife with the heavy beats, tripped-out samples, and thought-provoking lyrics that make Soul Coughing one of the most unique bands ever. Features rare performances of "Paint", "Sleepless", and "212". Just a great setlist and performance!

Disc One:
1- Uh, Zoom Zip mp3
2- Disseminated mp3
3- Soundtrack To Mary mp3
4- Sugar Free Jazz mp3
5- Collapse mp3
6- 4 Out Of 5 mp3
7- The Idiot Kings mp3
8- Sleepless mp3
9- 212 mp3
Disc Two:
1- City Of Motors
2- Paint
3- White Girl
4- Bus To Beelzebub
5- Mr. Bitterness
6- Down To This
7- Super Bon Bon
8- Screenwriter's Blues