Soul Coughing - Berlin/Amsterdam 1997

Recorded live in Berlin and at the North Sea Jazz Fest in Amsterdam, this 2-CD set gathers some classic tunes as well as some true rarities in the form of "Unmarked Helicopters" and "Buddha Rhubarb Butter". If you can only get one of these live releases, this is a good one.

Disc One:
1- Tell The Mermaid mp3
2- Disseminated mp3
3- Soft Serve mp3
4- Paint mp3
5- Moon Sammy mp3
6- So Far I Haven't Found The Science mp3
7- True Dreams Of Wichita mp3
8- The Idiot Kings mp3
9- Funky Town mp3
10- Unmarked Helicopters mp3
11- Mr. Bitterness mp3
12- Super Bon Bon mp3
13- Lazy Bones mp3
14- St. Louise Is Listening mp3
15- Down to This mp3
16- Screenwriter's Blues mp3
Disc Two:
1- The Incumbent
2- Buddha Rhubarb Butter
3- Miss The Girl
4- Lemon Lime
5- 4 Out Of 5