Sonny Moorman - Live at the Cincy Blues Fest! CD

For almost 15 years now, Sonny Moorman has been known as the area's premier electric blues rocker. Now he can lay claim to one of the finest local acoustic blues artists around with a new solo set, "Sonny Moorman: Live at the Cincy Blues Fest."

Moorman has always done the occasional solo acoustic gigs but is more known for his classic electric guitar power trio with Marc Hoffmann (bass) and Dave Fair (drums). Moorman said he recorded his solo set at the July blues fest intending to use a couple pieces in a planned live double CD featuring the trio."It came out so good it got to be its own record," said Moorman, who indicated he still plans a double CD/DVD release with his full group next year.

Moorman is at his angsty best on classic blues tunes such as "Kind Hearted Woman Blues," "Crossroad Blues" and "Statesboro Blues," and he reworks a great version of his autobiographical "Cincinnati Shuffle."On the CD, he's much more experimental, using four different styles of guitars, including some great twangy, intricate work on a lap guitar for "Statesboro Blues."Moorman's such a sizzling guitar player we often forget what a solid vocalist he is. His slightly raspy, soulful vocals stand out as much as his guitar work."Doing the solo acoustic stuff has probably made me a better singer, because I've learned not to sing as hard," he said. "I have a little better control, a little nicer vocal timbre. Now, when I do the band stuff, I don't shout as much. I'm singing more and shouting less."

Moorman's behind-the-scenes co-star on the recording is Erwin Musper, the Dutch-born producer-engineer with world-class rock credentials (Van Halen, Scorpions), who settled in Northern Kentucky, building a home studio two years ago. Musper's engineering of Moorman's set is an incredibly warm and rich recording, not often captured on live projects.Moorman's CD is released on noted Macon, Ga.-based blues label Atlas, and Moorman has a management deal with Willie Perkins, the former Allman Brothers manager.

Track List:
1 Kind Hearted Woman Blues listen
2 32-20 Blues listen
3 Bad Woman Blues listen
4 Blue Mood listen
5 Cincinnati Shuffle listen
6 Amazing Grace listen
7 As The Crow Flies listen
8 You Got To Move listen
9 Statesboro Blues listen
10 Rollin' and Tumblin' listen
11 Crossroads Blues listen
12 Love In Vain listen
13 Let's Work Together listen

Released in 2006