Sol Driven Train with Debbie Debord and Gwynn Valley Campers - Tajar Tracks CD

Charleston's Sol Driven Train is breaking out of the bar-band niche with a childreni?1/2s album, Tajar Tracks. The album was recorded at Camp Gwynn Valley in Brevard, NC, where most of the band members spent the summer working. Pianist Debbie Debord, the camp musician for nearly 30 years, is highlighted on the album as well as the voices of many campers who sang into the microphone for producer Joel Timmons. The 16 tracks were recorded over the course of the summer with Debordi?1/2s virtuosic piano playing providing the foundation for most of the songs. Though blind since birth, Debord has faithfully played the piano every summer for evening campfires and daytime sing-a-longs at Camp Gwynn Valley, negotiating the gravel trails through the camp property with a cane and remarkable ear. The tracks selected for inclusion on the album include some of Debordi?1/2s original songs as well as many old camp favorites.

"Best Album For Children from a Local Band" in Charleston City Paper! "The guys in local ensemble Sol Driven Train are well-known among fans for their musical versatility. But local fans can be forgiven if they didn't expect them to release a kid's sing-a-long album titled Tajar Tracks last fall. Most of the members of the Charleston roots-groove band spent the summer working with a few dozen teenagers at Camp Gwynn Valley in Brevard, N.C. During their stay, they recorded a top-quality collection of original, upbeat, family-friendly tunes featuring vocal performances from camp kids as well as piano work from longtime camp staffer Debbie Debord." i?1/2T. Ballard Lesemann, Charleston City Paper

1 Good Morning, Gwynn Valley mp3
2 It's a Beautiful Day mp3
3 Don Gato mp3
4 Love Grows One-by-One mp3
5 Circle Song #1 mp3
6 Alice the Camel mp3
7 Circular Circus mp3
8 Inch by Inch / Garden Song mp3
9 If All the Raindrops
10 Automobile
11 Simple Joys
12 Goin' Back to Carolina
13 Turn the World Around
14 Linger
15 Irish Blessing
16 Sheep May Softly Graze

Released 2005