Secret Machines - September 000 CD

This is the acclaimed debut from this New-York-via-Texas trio, and within are all the roots of the psychedelic indie-rock powerhouse we know and love. Some may note allusions to the past in their music, perhaps as broad as Spacemen Three, Olivia Tremor Control, Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, or The Velvet Underground. While these bands might have indeed deposited their musical sediments in September 000, there is also a pulsating energy in each song which exposits the Machine's unique vision as a band. A vision that intermingles rhythmic and emotional songwriting with sparse, and brooding sounds and freeform noise. A vision that combines sounds with dreams. Secret Machines posses a breadth of vision in their songwriting which is profoundly rare. The music unfurls sprawling landscapes where splashes of organ and shards of reverbed guitars lead the listener down a trippy path. Yet if at first the Secret Machine1s disposition is calm and reserved, it later expands, layer by layer, until their musical terrain becomes laden with colorful melodies, counter harmonies and coyly poignant lyrics.

1- Marconi's Radio 7:42 mp3
2- What Used To Be French 6:30 mp3
3- Breathe 2:43 mp3
4- Still See You 2:49 mp3
5- It's A Bad Wind That Don't Blow Somebody Some Good 5:56 mp3
6- Marconi's Radio 2:46 mp3

Released March 2002