Secret Machines - Now Here Is Nowhere CD


Now Here Is Nowhere is one of the rare albums that sustains listener interest long after the release date. The Secret Machines' bombastic, caterwauling style opens wide and swallows gallons of influences, converting it all into one high-octane sound that must be heard. It's not an insult, or even limiting to compare their power to Led Zeppelin, if only because of the thunderous drums, unconstrained song structure, and teeth-gritting riffs. There's so much more than that going on here though, as wave after wave of psycho-melodic abandon crashes on the shores of your eardrums. Your brain will try and figure out the history behind this sound because of the music's startling addictiveness, but you'll soon realize that it's no Secret - this band has a sound wholly their own.

1. First Wave Intact mp3
2. Sad And Lonely mp3
3. The Leaves Are Gone mp3
4. Nowhere Again mp3
5. The Road Leads Where It's Led mp3
6. Pharoah's Daughter mp3
7. You Are Chains mp3
8. Light's On mp3
9. Now Here Is Nowhere mp3

Released 5/18/04