Sam Bush - Late As Usual CD

Sam Bush, multi-instrumentalist and master of all, produces not only impressively arranged notes on the clef, but also serious feelings in the soul. From the wild "chopping and banging" of "Sailin' Shoes", to the sorrowful "Last Letter Home". With a number of brow-level buddies from past acoustic associations, Sam reaches an astounding level of musical variety, complexity, and maintains "great taste" through it all. An absolute MUST HEAR! Features Bela Fleck, Curtis Burch, John Cowan, Jethro Burns, Mike Marshall, and more!

Track List:
1- Big Mon
2- Last Letter Home
3- Norman and Nancy
4- Russian Rag
5- Leather Britches
6- Diadem
7- Sailin' Shoes
8- Crooked Smile
9- Broadway
10- Samanda Lynn
11- Funk 55