Sam Bush - Howlin' at the Moon CD

A whirling dervish onstage, Sam Bush flails like Jimmy Page, conjuring up mesmerizing polyrhythmic chops and trailblazing solos.... Howlin' showcases Bush's facility as a player and composer, as well as his stylistic sense of adventure. As usual, Bush meshes bluegrass, funk, jazz, reggae, and blues into a set more diverse than most people's record collections. - No Depression

Track List:
1- Ozzie & Max
2- Howlin' at the Moon
3- Big Rabbit
4- Face Tomorrow
5- Funk 42
6- Hold On
7- Cloverleaf Rag
8- Beaver Creek Mansion
9- Crossin the Transippi
10- Go With the Flow
11- Harbor Docks
12- Mr. Freddie
13- Song For Roy
14- Take Me Out To The Ball Game