Rush - The Little Box Of Rush (3CD)


Canada's most successful and respected rock group, Rush first formed in 1968, but the classic 3-piece line-up of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifesong and Neal Peart came together in 1974. Lasting as this powerful trio until early 2020 - when Neal Peart sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer, this glorious era was filled with the finest music the band made. It is this same period which this superb boxed set focussed on. Featuring 3 x CDs containing the finest radio broadcasts ever made throughout the band's career, this collection in its completion forms a most delightful live document of Rush's best ever performances. DISC ONE features the group's show at The Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio on 7th April 1975, while DISC TWO contains Rush's legendary Kiel Auditorium concert, in St Louis, MS, on 13th February 1980. Concluding this extraordinary collection, DISC THREE has their gig at the US Air Arena, in Landover, MD, on 26th April 1994.

Disc 1:

Finding My Way

Best I Can

What You're Doing


Beneath, Between And Behind

In The End

Fly By Night

Working Man

In The Mood

Need Some Love

Bad Boy

Disc 2:

2112: Overture

The Temples of Syrinx




Grand Finale

By-Tor and the Snow Dog


The Spirit of Radio

Natural Science

Beneath, Between, Behind

Working Man

Finding My Way Intro


Bastille Day

In the Mood

Drum Solo

La Villa Strangiato

Disc 3:

Stick It Out

Double Agent



Mystic Rhythms

Closer To The Heart

Show Don't Tell

Leave That Thing Alone

Drum Solo

The Trees


Hemispheres Prelude

Tom Sawyer

Release date 10.9.20