Rush - Spirit Of The Airwaves: Radio Broadcast 1980 CD


The band's line-up had been rock solid since drummer, percussionist and lyricist Neil Peart had completed the trio format with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson shortly after the recording of the group's eponymously titled debut in 1974. Onstage Neil has always been a showman, inspired by flamboyant sticksmen Keith Moon, John Bonham and Ginger Baker. 

Undoubtedly Peart influenced the band's shift towards a more Progressive rock orientation which was more fully reflected on Rush's next collection of songs, 'Caress of Steel', released just seven months after 'Fly By Night'. Eschewing the lengthy pieces The Necromancer and The Fountain of Lamneth, which occupied all 20 minutes of side two of the album, only the short, snappy and Zeppelinesque Bastille Day was performed during this show. 1976's '2112' was Rush's breakthrough album and their first to enter the Billboard Top 100 (it peaked at 61). It went on, however, to become a platinum seller. The whole of Side One of the album is a multi-faceted concept piece based on 'Anthem', a futuristic novella by Russian-born American author Ayn Rand (first published in England in 1938) - and all bar the short Oracle: The Dream is played during the first section of this concert.

Finally, Rush's then-current album, 'Permanent Waves' contributes The Spirit of Radio and Natural Science. The former was something of a departure for the band as it utilises a reggae style, which was explored further on later albums 'Moving Pictures' (1981) and 'Signals' (1982). A three-minute edit of the track reached number 13 on the UK singles chart and remains a strong fan-favourite. Natural Science is more traditional Rush fare, with multiple movements, and has proved a hugely popular live number ever since.

Track Listing

  1. 2112: Overture
  2. The Temples of Syrinx
  3. Discovery
  4. Presentation
  5. Soliloquy
  6. Grand Finale
  7. By-Tor and the Snow Dog
  8. Xanadu
  9. The Spirit of Radio
  10. Natural Science
  11. Beneath, Between, Behind
  12. Working Man
  13. Finding My Way Intro
  14. Anthem
  15. Bastille Day
  16. In the Mood
  17. Drum Solo
  18. La Villa Strangiato

Release Date: 03.11.16