Rubblebucket - Omega La La CD

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On Omega La La, Rubblebucket takes a dramatic step forward with their sound, grafting their afrobeat rhythms with a creative take on dancey indie pop. Listening to the crystal-clear, minimalist production of the album, DFA veteran Eric Broucek's influence is apparent. The album opens with 'Down in the Yards,' a track that builds off the ebb and flow of a droning, two-note guitar riff, only to explode into a triumphant chorus anchored by the band's horn section. That track is followed up by the bouncy, Afro-Cuban-inspired rhythms of 'L homme,' a buoyant psych-pop gem. 'Silly Fathers'and a reworked version of 'Came Out of a Lady' show off the band's penchant for creating pop songs that stick in your head.

Release date 06.21.2011