Rory Gallagher - Bottom Line 1978 (2CD)


Released in October 1978, Rory Gallagher's ninth solo-album, Photo Finish, marked a turning point in Gallagher's career. Most of the songs on the record were initially recorded on what was to be an earlier album, but Gallagher was unhappy with the recordings. He fired the drummer and keyboardist from his current band and replaced only the drummer, changing the band to a power trio as his original groups had been. In the wake of the new release, Gallagher and his band went on tour, starting with dates in the USA. Among the finest shows the trio played on the tour was at Greenwich Village's Bottom Line Club, a legendary music venue first opened in 1974. The performance remains one of the best ever played by The Gallagher Band, and recorded as it was for live FM Radio Broadcast, is also one of the best quality live recordings around. Previously unreleased, this stunning concert is now available on this CD for the first time.

Track Listing

Disc 1:


Do You Read Me

Shadow Play

I Wonder Who

Secret Agent

Mississippi Sheiks

Cloak & Dagger

Out On The Western Plains

Disc 2:

Too Much Alcohol


A Million Miles Away

Messin' With The Kid

Bullfrog Blues/Just A Little Bit

Laundromat/The Last Of The Independents/Who Do You Love/Hey Bo Diddley

Release date 08.07.2020