Randall Bramblett & Geoff Achison - Jammin in the Attic CD

Every once in a while lightening strikes and, if you get lucky, it gets captured! That's what happened on 6/13/10 when this live performance at the legendary Eddie's Attic in Decatur, GA was recorded.

This CD is a wonderful example of what can happen when two great musicians and songwriters join forces. The dynamic duo alternate between Randall's songs and Geoff's original tunes, and the result is greater than the sum of the parts.

Check out how Achison's sensitive accompaniment enhances Bramblett's "Nobody's Problem" or how Randall's sax perfectly complements Geoff's "Rule the World." Oliver Wood of King Johnson adds scorching electric guitar licks to tunes like Achison's "Jungle" and Bramblett's "Get In Get Out," proving that with musicians of this caliber, more is definitely merrier!

Here is a list of the outstanding players on this CD:
Randall Bramblett - vocals, acoustic guitar, tenor sax, keyboards
Geoff Achison - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Yonrico Scott - drums
Ted Pecchio - bass
Oliver Wood - electric guitar

1. Sent To The Edge 5:20 listen
2. Queen of England 5:17 listen
3. Nobody's Problem 4:48 listen
4. One Ticket, One Ride 5:47 listen
5. My World 5:58 listen
6. Tell Me Something 6:14 listen
7. Driving To Montgomery 3:59 listen
8. Rule The World 9:31 listen
9. See Through Me 8:34 listen
10. Jungle 10:49 listen
11. Get In Get Out 8:55 listen

Released in 2011