Quicksilver Messenger Service - Winterland November 1968 CD


By November of 1968 Quicksilver Messenger Service had been headlining local Bay Area ballrooms and dance halls for nearly three years. Enormously popular from the beginning and attracting similar crowds to the ultimately more successful bay area underground acts like Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead, Quicksilver however had very much created a unique sound which was more folk & garage based than that of their local contemporaries. Indeed at this gig, broadcast live from 'Frisco's Winterland in the closing months of '68, QSM were headlining with the Dead as support - along with Iowa 5 piece, the relatively unknown Linn County. A culmination of numbers recorded across Thursday 7th through Sunday 10th, this became known as a 'magical weekend' in the area. Quicksilver and Grateful Dead were great friends at the time and musically pushed each other to provide electrically charged performances whenever they played together, and by the time of this gig mainman John Cipollina had perfected his very unique guitar style which is clearly evident on this recording. The line-up of the band on this autumnal San Francisco evening close to 50 years ago, was John Cipollina on lead guitar and backing vocals, Gary Duncan on guitar and vocals, David Freiberg on bass and vocals and Greg Elmore on drums. Those puzzled by the absence of vocalist and songwriter Dino Valenti at this show should be reminded that, although Valenti had been present in a very early line-up of the group, it wasn't until New Years Eve 1969 that he became QSM's lead singer and main composer.

Track Listing

1. Mona
2. Smokestack Lightning
3. Who Do You Love?
4. Susie Q
5. I Get In Trouble
6. Stand By Me

Release Date 02/10/15