Prince - Small Club 1988 (2CD)


A long term collector's item, the recording of Prince's After-Show Party, performed in The Hague, Holland on 19th August 1988, began to appear on vinyl at record shows in the autumn of that year, and quickly became the talk of the Prince community. With a sound quality as good, if not better, than most company live releases, this legendary broadcast recording is finally available on this 2CD set. Finding Prince at his physical and musical prime, his 1987-1988 shows featured the man at his best more consistently than at any other period of his career. His after-shows during this era remain the stuff of legend, with this performance, plus his equally brilliant Camden Palace ASP, on July 25th, generally considered the finest of all. His effortless ability to mix stunning cover versions and unreleased tracks alongside completely new renditions of his classics is quite remarkable, making this new CD version of this classic live event, something for Prince fans everywhere to delight in.

Track Listing

Disc 1:

Instrumental Jam
Just My Imagination Running Away
People Without
Down Home Blues
Disc 2:

Cold Sweat
Forever In My Life
Still Would Stand All Time
I'll Take You There
It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
Rave Un 2 The Joy Fantastic

Release date 03.08.2019