Primus - Groundhog Day: 1989 Student Radio Broadcast CD


Fascinating Insight Into A Legendary Band And How Well Formed Their Hugely Influential Sound Was At Such An Early Point

"Hey...we're Primus and we suck" So quips Primus vocalist and bassist Les Claypool, uttering the immortal words that would become something of a regular fan chant for audiences worldwide, albeit with collective tongues, for the main part, embedded in collective cheeks. Formed as Primate in El Sobrante, CA in 1984 by Claypool and guitarist Todd Huth - at the time backed only by a LinnDrum machine - Primus took on the name by which they have been known since, a month or so later, and thereafter cycled through any number of real life drummers; they finally settled on Jay Lane, at the time skins man for ska-funk outfit the Freaky Executives.

The recording featured on this CD is taken from the 3rd May '89 edition of "Wednesday Night Live," a show presented by Ben D on Stanford University radio station KZSU, dedicated to showcasing local new talent. The show was also simulcast on XTV for the students' viewing pleasure. Performing live in the studio, Primus play a scorching set of tunes that would later appear on the aforementioned Suck On This and their 1990 studio debut, Frizzle Fry. Broken up by some immensely entertaining interview segments with the chaps - showcasing in particular the quirky wit of Mr Claypool - this recording is a fascinating insight into the early days of this now legendary band and demonstrates just how well formed their hugely influential sound was at such an early point in their second incarnation.

Note that this is an early recording by student radio and may not please the ears of audiophiles.

Track Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. To Defy The Laws Of Tradition
  3. YYZ/John The Fisherman
  4. Groundhog's Day
  5. Too Many Puppies
  6. Studio Banter
  7. Tommy The Cat
  8. Studio Banter
  9. Frizzle Fry
  10. The Heckler
  11. Bob Studio Banter
  12. Sgt. Baker
  13. Harold Of The Rocks
  14. Break
  15. Interview

Release Date: 02.12.16