Neil Young & The Santa Monica Flyers - Goodbye Waterface CD


In the second half of 1973, Neil Young formed The Santa Monica Flyers, with Crazy Horse's rhythm section augmented by Nils Lofgren on guitar and piano and Harvest/Time Fades Away veteran Ben Keith on pedal steel guitar. Deeply affected by the drug-induced deaths of Danny Whitten and roadie Bruce Berry, Young recorded an album specifically inspired by the incidents, Tonight's the Night. The album's dark tone and rawness led Reprise to delay its release and Young had to pressure them for two years before they would do so; it finally came out on in June 1975. While his record company was stalling, Young recorded another album, On the Beach, released July 1974, which presented a more melodic, acoustic sound at times, and which including a recording of an older song 'See the Sky About to Rain', but dealt with similarly dark themes such as the collapse of 1960s folk ideals, the downside of success and the underbelly of the Californian lifestyle. By late '73, Young and The Flyers were touring and performing songs, as yet unreleased, later to be included on Tonight's The Night. On November 15th the ensemble performed at Queen's College in Flushing, New York, for a show which remains quite staggering and is featured on this CD in its entirety. Including six cuts from Tonight..., plus a smattering of numbers from previous records, this concert, released here for the first time, is unlike any other Neil Young ever played.

Track Listing

Don't Be Denied
When You Dance I Can Really Love
Tonight's The Night
World On A String
New Mama
Roll Another Number For The Road
Tired Eyes
The Needle And The Damage Done

Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
Human Highway
I Believe In You
Cinnamon Girl
Cowgirl In The Sand
Tonight's The Night

Release date 05.10.2019