Neil Young - Austin City Limits (2CD)


Austin City Limits, started as a showcase for country and roots performers, invited Neil Young to perform in 1984, a man never reluctant to mix and match his genres. Young had released the least popular and poorly received albums of his career in the years prior to this performance, lastly the rockabilly infused Everybody's Rockin' - an album which clocked in at a mere 29 mins - and before that the synth pop infused Trans. But for his ACL show Young had a hell of a band backing him in The International Harvesters. This group of Nashville cats may not have blown down arena doors with the same ferocity as Crazy Horse, but as this 1984 concert proves, they could more than hold their own with Neil Young, even on an extended version of concert favourite, the rocker 'Down By The River.' Not previously released on CD, this quite sterling performance is now available in its entirety on this two-disc-set, displaying perfectly what a wholly competent and enthralling outfit Neil Young & The International Harvesters were during this period, even if the album they recorded together, which was released the following year, Old Ways, was panned by fans and critics alike and seen as yet another vanity project in a string of similar weird releases from Neil in the 1980s.

Track Listing

Disc 1:

Are You Ready For The Country'
Hawks And Doves
Comes A Time
Bound For Glory
Let Your Fingers Do The Talking
Are There Any More Real Cowboys'
Heart Of Gold
Amber Jean
Band Intro
Roll Another Number
Southern Pacific
The Needle And The Damage Done
Neil Young Interview 1998 Part 1
Disc 2:

California Sunset
It Might Have Been
Soul Of A Woman
Field Of Opportunity
Old Man
Get Back To The Country
Down By The River
Neil Young Interview 1998 Part 2

Release date 09.13.2019