My Morning Jacket - At Dawn CD

Before the band emerged onto the radars of music fans everywhere with It Still Moves, they quietly made what many still consider to be their masterpiece: At Dawn. With the band's trademark reverb-laden recording sound intact, MMJ drive their formidable songs through peaks and valleys of low-key bliss, creating an album that must be appreciated from start to finish to get the full effect. The haunting atmosphere provided by Jim James' ethereal vocals and the bands patient, multi-sonic playing is so thick, it's palpable.

1. At Dawn mp3
2. Lowdown mp3
3. The Way That He Sings mp3
4. Death Is My Sleazy Pay mp3
5. Hopefully mp3
6. Bermuda Highway mp3
7. Honest Man mp3
8. X-Mas Curtain mp3
9. Just Because I Do mp3
10. If It Smashes Down mp3
11. I Needed It Most mp3
12. Phone Went West mp3
13. Strangulation! mp3

Released June 2001