Mushroom with Eddie Gale - Joint Happening CD

The San Francisco-based psychedelic post-jazz collective Mushroom has been consistently releasing albums of fiercely experimental mind-altering music for upwards of ten years now. Maverick trumpeter Eddie Gale has shared stages with Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra and Elvin Jones, while having recorded the seminal Blue Note albums Black Rhythm Happening and Ghetto Music. Despite the generations that separate them, Eddie Gale is, in fact, part of the lineage from which Mushroom emerges; that being based in the pursuit of the artistic spirit which seeks higher elevation through music. As is the case, that search has led Mushroom and Eddie Gale's paths to cross, documenting their collaboration on Joint Happening.

"When Mushroom began, we were influenced by a time when the term 'progressive' did not mean 'prog rock,' it meant everything from The Beatles to Traffic to the Doors to Soft Machine and King Crimson," states Mushroom's drummer and founder Pat Thomas. "After we heard the reissues of Eddie's 1960's Blue Note LPs that blended jazz with gospel, folk and soul, like a hybrid of the Edwin Hawkins Singers and Sun Ra, we knew that we had to meet this kindred spirit who was not afraid to blend a diverse set of styles and let them stew and percolate."

When Eddie Gale's trumpet first enters at the two-and-a-half-minute mark of Joint Happening's opening track, entitled "Peace," one could easily recall In A Silent Way-era Miles. The instinct to compare is natural, but upon deeper listening, Eddie Gale's soul cry reveals magic completely unto itself. Mushroom, almost amoeba-like, swell and contract with a swirling, hypnotic force. On the 18-minute plus centerpiece "I Was Torn Down At The Dance Place--Shaved Head At The Organ," a heightened level of human interconnected electricity sustains even at the most hushed moments of the music. Layers of textured sound emerge and vanish, sometimes sympathetic to Gale's mournful wail, other times subtly steering him in new directions. Throughout, a foundation is provided for some of the most ghostly and haunted improvisations ever to be heard from the trumpeter. When Mushroom's tribal rhythms hit their apex, the results might be baptized "freak jazz."

1- Peace 7:39 mp3
2- I Don't Need To Fight, To Prove I'm Right - I Don't Need To Be Forgiven 9:30 mp3
3- I Was Torn Down At The Dance Place - Shaved Head At The Organ 18:11 mp3
4- Border Crossing 8:01 mp3
5- Selling Oakland By The Pound 3:20 mp3
6- Our Love 8:03
7- The Spirit 15:23

Released 6/26/07