Mitch Hedberg - Do You Believe In Gosh CD


1. Improv Fairy Tale
2. Door Deal
3. Hot Air Balloon
4. Headless Horseman
5. Hotels and Beds
6. Phil
7. Restaurants
8. Texas and Sea Food
9. Tea Ski
10. Canal Smarts
11. Vacuumist
12. Belt
13. Soda Pop

Recorded two months prior to his death, this album contains nearly forty minutes of previously unreleased stand-up material. It pulses with Mitch's inimitable wit and spirit, it's a document of a comedy master, and it's a treat for all those who were afraid they'd never get to hear another great Hedberg joke. The CD captures most of the material Mitch was working on for what would have been his next full-length album, in a free-form show with a large amount of audience interaction. Listeners can expect the same bizarre one-liners they have come to love, like "Is a hippopotamus a hippopotamus or just a really cool apoatmus?" delivered in the drawly, good-natured way only Hedberg could pull off. Mitch gives his unique point of view on such topics as the headless horseman, Medusa, whom he refers to as the "snake-haired bitch" and squirrels on water skis. Also included in the CD package is a booklet including never-before-seen photos and excerpts from Mitch's private journals.

Released 9/9/08