Michael Franti & Spearhead - Yell Fire! CD

In 2004, Franti and his team traveled to the core of the red-zoned, war torn neighborhoods of Baghdad, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip with his guitar, video cameras, and the intent to experience first hand the human cost of war. Out of this journey, he created a compelling documentary ("I Know I'm Not Alone") and a searing, reflective album of original songs. "Yell Fire!" is his most compelling, engaged collection of songs, fired by a fury at the injustice of war, and a rediscovery of the love and community that supports those doing the fighting. It embraces reggae, blues, folk, hip-hop, and the anthemic politics of rock artists like U2 and Springsteen. With massive grooves and soaring choruses, Franti and Spearhead have produced an album to inspire and ignite.

1. Time To Go Home mp3
2. Yell Fire mp3
3. I Know Im Not Alone mp3
4. East To The West mp3
5. Sweet Little Lies mp3
6. Hello Bonjour mp3
7. One Step Closer To You mp3
8. Hey Now Now mp3
9. Everybody Ona Move mp3
10. See You In The Light mp3
11. Light Up Ya Lighter mp3
12. What I've Seen mp3
13. Tolerance mp3
14. Is Love Enough? mp3

Released July 25, 2006