Michael Franti - Love Kamikaze: The Lost Sex Singles & Collector's Remixes


While moving the location of his recording studio, the Sugar Shack, Michael Franti stumbled over a box of jewels with various unreleased versions of songs from past Spearhead sessions for Home, Chocolate Supa Highway, and Stay Human. This collection brings together 9 tracks that are just like the title suggests - sexy, groove-laden, and peppered with hip hop and soul rhythms. For the first-time listener, it starts as a curiosity and winds up as one of the most enjoyable Franti releases yet!

1- Love Kamikaze mp3
2- Love Me Unique mp3
3- What Happens Next mp3
4- Stay Human mp3
5- I Wish That I Could Be You mp3
6- Every Single Soul mp3
7- Keepin' It Natural mp3
8- Come And Mess With Me mp3
9- A Minute's All I Need mp3
10- All Night Long Ain't Long Enough (acoustic)

Bonus: Love Me Unique (Music Video)

Released 2005