Mark O'Connor - Jam Session CD

Nobody in the history of jazz fiddle has ever played with the technical assurance of O'Connor, and he has been a brilliant and soulful improviser since he was a teenager ... Backed with driving finesse by bassist Jon Burr and guitarist Frank Vignola, this live set has a definite whiff of the Quintet of the Hot Club of France about it, with O'Connor's fire and heart-on-the-sleeve emotional involvement rendering this not only one of the finest discs of his career, but one of the greatest jazz violin albums ever. -- Chicago Tribune "Acoustic, progressive Grappelli-style violin and Django-style guitar jazz played by Mark O'Connor and his Hot Swing Trio featuring Frank Vignola and Jon Burr. Reviving a once overlooked style and demonstrating its undiminished vitality, Live In New York documents this moment of arrival and departure: recorded impeccably, executed flawlessly, it completes the trilogy that had begun with Hot Swingand In Full Swing." -- Robert L. Doerschuk, former editor of Musician magazine

A jam session is at once a spontaneous musical conversation and an art form. It strengthens both artistic and personal bonds between players of a variety of musical styles around the world. Once in a while, improvisational exchanges between musicians in a jam escalate to a fever pitch: this recording, which captures nine such instances, represents the contributions of six natural jammers to the art of the jam.

Features some of the best recorded improvised solos to date by O'Connor, Thile, Vignola and Sutton.

Track List:
1. Granny White Special listen
2. Gypsy Fantastic listen
3. Macedonia listen
4. Swingin' on the 'Ville listen
5. Soft Gyrations listen
6. Pickles on the Elbow listen
7. Don't Let the Deal Go Down listen
8. In the Cluster Blues listen
9. Minor Swing listen

Release date 04.13.2010