Mamadou Diabate - Heritage CD

Mamadou Diabate was born in 1975 in Kita, a Malian city long known for the arts and culture of the Manding people of West Africa. Mamadou Diabate is descended from a long line of Manding musician-storytellers, the jeli, sometimes referred to by the French term griot. Jelis are more than just traditional musicians. They use music and sometimes oratory to preserve and sustain people's conciousness of the past, a past that stretches back to the 13th century when the Manding king Sunjata Keita consolidated the vast Empire of Mali, covering much of West Africa.

Mamadou's extraordinary musical talent was recognized at a young age. At the age of four, he began his studies with his father, Djelimori Diabate, who played the kora, or harp-lute, in the Instrumental Ensemble of Mali. Djelimori was a great inspiration to the young musician. Mamadou knew as a child that playing the kora was his destiny. He devoted himself to practicing to the point that his mother worried that he was not concentrating enough on school. When she took his kora away, he quickly resorted to making his own kora so he could continue.

Mamadou's style has developed from years of listening to kora players and other musicians from many different countries. The Malian kora tradition has always put a premium on holding onto the old ways while constantly innovating and developing the art. Although his performance is based in the keita tradition, Mamadou always strives to bring something fresh, unique and contemporary to his music, making it a bridge between the past and the future. While the focus is on the kora, there are many other instruments on this CD that help fill out the already enchanting tones of the kora.

1. Sara mp3
2. Joukouya mp3
3. Foulaya mp3
4. African Orphans mp3
5. Salimou mp3
6. Fali mp3
7. Djirbah mp3
8. Behni Djayemoko mp3
9. Gansana mp3
10. Sandra mp3
11. Segou Blues mp3
12. Yaribassa mp3

Released 11/14/06

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