Mamadou Diabate - Behmanka CD

Anyone who hears the performances on this CD can understand right away that Mamadou Diabate is a master of his instrument, the 21-string Mande harp of West Africa - the kora. As the name indicates, the Diabates are griots -- performers with an ancestral duty to preserve memory of the past through music, song and oratory. As a boy, Mamadou used to accompany his blind grandfather, Seydou Diabate, as he visited various jatigui (nobles) around Kita and played for them on his ngoni. Seydou was especially fond of playing the song "Alfa Yaya Jalloh," composed for the great Fulani king in the Fouta Djalon, in present day Senegal and Guinea. Within the words to that song were lines sung in a very old form of the Mandinka language called Behmanka. Mamadou says, "Behmanka means people who do good things for society, people who worked hard in their lives so that people were proud of them. This is a word the Mandinka people like to use a lot." In choosing Behmanka as the name for his solo album, Mamadou honors his personal and artistic ancestry. But make no mistake: Mamadou is a forward-looking, innovative player, and the versions of traditional songs here are absolutely unique to him. Mamadou infuses these performances with his unparalleled technique, and with all the ideas and influences he's absorbed in his adventurous, musically rich life.

1- Touma mp3
2- Jamanadiera mp3
3- Behmanka mp3
4- Kora Boloba mp3
5- Kita Baro mp3
6- Diarabi Kele mp3
7- Sanfene Foli mp3
8- Djimbaseh mp3

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