Little Feat - Electrif Lycanthrope: Radio Broadcast 1974 CD


First Ever Release Of This Legendary Little Feat FM Broadcast from 1974

With their unique blend of driving Rock & Roll with Folk, Blues, New Orleans Funk, and Jazz-Rock Fusion elements infused throughout, Little Feat are amongst the most under-appreciated bands of all time. Featuring Lowell George's inimitable songs, vocals, and slide guitar work, Bill Payne's driving keyboard funk, Paul Barrere's guitar, and one of the best rhythm sections ever (Kenny Gradney-bass, Richie Hayward-drums, and Sam Clayton-percussion), the band's mid period output remains unsurpassed.

In 1974, at the height of their success and acclaim they performed at the Ultrasonic Studios in New York City in front of a largely invited audience. The show was broadcast by WLIR FM New York, and once tapes began circulating in collectors circles the performance quickly became a firm favourite among fans. Without the archiving of legendary performances like this one we would be bereft of an entire side of rock music that parallels classic groups' studio recordings. The first legitimate release of this enticing concert brings back the golden days of rock music at its finest and one of its premier collectives at their very best.

Track Listing

  1. Rock 'n' Roll Doctor
  2. Two Trains
  3. The Fan
  4. On Your Way Down
  5. Spanish Moon
  6. Skin It Back
  7. Fat Man In The Bathtub
  8. Oh Atlanta
  9. Willin'
  10. Cold, Cold, Cold
  11. Dixie Chicken
  12. Tripe Face Boogie