John Brown' Body - Among Them CD

FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW REGGAE TO BE!!!! The John Brown's Body sextet features a blazing horn section, positively charged singers, a rootical-electronica keyboard player, bass 'n' drums to rival Sly and Robbie and an engineer mixing live dub effects. Militant Rockers. Uplifting Vibrations. Dub Rockin' Dance Music. The seeds of reggae music from the 70's reached fertile soil and gave birth to JBB. "Top-notch reggae band". - Relix

Track List
Among them
love is a fire
this is not the end
this is drum & bass
orange & gold
thank you oh lord
singers & players
music is my only friend
rainbow chariot
live & let live
play on
tell me something i don't know
ziontific due