Joey Arkenstat - Bane CD


The man, the myth...revealed! Joey Arkenstat, whoever he is, makes for an interesting album cover...but its Mike Gordon, Barry Rosenhouse, Larry Campbell, Silvia Sierra, and Jared Slomoff (if any of those names are real) make insane music! This disc is one big 48 minute experiment that brings to mind the willful improvisations of this band called Phish and their anything goes "Oh Kee Pah" Ceremonies. Bane starts, morphs continually, and ends.

1- Region mp3
2- Listen Ray mp3
3- Copper March mp3
4- Island Remedy mp3
5- Birthington mp3
6- The Right Number mp3
7- Re-John mp3
8- Shoof mp3
9- Zam Zamf mp3
10- Sicilian Defense mp3
11- Ratamacue mp3
12- Fs-ch mp3