Jerry Douglas - The Best Kept Secret CD

Jerry Douglas, the dobro virtuoso of Nashville, shows us the "Secret"...and it's that he's much more than one of the most highly-sought session musicians in the Music City. Douglas' second "solo" effort reveals what his biggest fans already know: Douglas is as much a master of musical styles as he is a demon on the dobro. The opening blues-rock sizzler "She Makes Me Want To Sing," with Derek Trucks, will surprise listeners expecting a more traditional sound. "Who's Your Uncle" with Sam Bush and Bela Fleck will then delight those same listeners. There's a soulful vocal take from Alison Krauss on "Back in Love Again," and Jerry mixes it up with guitar master Bill Frisell on "Lil' Roro." John Fogerty's distinctive moan graces "Swing Blues No. 1," which is sure to be a favorite. Douglas' ideas keep getting more inventive and exploratory, as evidenced on the effects-laden "Ya Ya Etc" and "U R My Flower." There's also plenty of Douglas' trademark dobro gymnastics, showing why he's the measuring stick for anyone else who picks up the instrument. The Best Kept Secret? Not for long. This is a truly satisfying achivement from one of music's most underappreciated treasures.

1- She Makes Me Want To Sing mp3
2- Who's Your Uncle? mp3
3- Back In Love Again mp3
4- A Remark You Made mp3
5- The Best Kept Secret mp3
6- Lil' Roro mp3
7- Swing Blues No. 1 mp3
8- Snow's First Fall mp3
9- Ya Ya Etc. mp3
10- U R My Flower mp3
11- Sir Aly B mp3