Jerry Douglas - Southern Fillibuster: The Songs of Tut Taylor CD

Southern Filibuster is a project that could only have been created by the greatest modern player of the Dobro guitar, multi-Grammy winner Jerry Douglas, featured soloist with Alison Krauss and Union Station, super session sideman and a leader in his own right on several critically-acclaimed and Grammy-nominated recordings. On this special album, Jerry has assembled a group of the most dazzling and accomplished Dobro pickers in tribute to the Daddy of 'em all; the legendary Tut Taylor, one of the greatest of all country music instrumental voices, and a Grammy winner in his own right. It's a Bluegrass super-summit that hardcore fans of the music and casual listeners will find irresistible.

Here is a breakdown of the tracks, with the artist featured on each:

* Southern Filibuster - Jerry Douglas
* Swampwater - Billy Cardine
* Dobro Country - Michael Witcher
* Ghost Picker - Orville Johnson
* Black Ridge Ramble - Curtis Burch
* Oasis - Rob Ickes
* Little Green Pill - Cindy Cashdollar
* This Ain't Grass - Mike Auldridge
* Me and My Dobro - Ferrell Stowe
* Oozin' the Blues - Randy Kohrs
* Acoustic Toothpick - Phil Leadbetter
* Resophonic Guitar - Andy Hall
* Reso Fandango - Megan Lovell
* Stevens Steel - Ivan Rosenberg

Release date 07.13.2010