Jemimah Puddleduck - self-titled CD

That sunny California groove! This band (Mark Karan, John Molo, Bob Gross, and Arlan Schierbaum)is not afraid to explore new territory by stretching out their bluesy, psychedelic compostions. Fans of the Dead, Ekoostik Hookah, and Steve Kimock will dig this CD!
From the bandleader's mouth:As a lead singer, guitarist and writer this band is a dream cometrue. I grew up in "the haight" in the the sixties (11 yrs old in '66 andhavin' a wunnerful time!) so it's pretty amazingly full-circle for me to be"playing in the band" now. prior to "The Other Ones, Ratdog & Planet Drum" Iplayed with many Bay Area artists (Huey Lewis, Jesse Colin Young, Alex Call,Austin de Lone, Sarah Baker, Bandaloons) and a few more "well known types"too i.e., Paul Carrack, Dave Mason, Delaney Bramlett, The Rembrandts (don'thold it against me... 't'was good clean fun!), Sophie B. Hawkins (awc'mon... a guy's gotta earn a living!) and now I get to play with "theboyz!" it's been a great ride so far... John Molo (drums) is from the DC area and played with Bruce Hornsby& The Range for 17+ years (winning a Grammy along the way) as well as alsodoing a ton of great session work and forming/playing in several very coolseminal bands (such as "Liquid Jesus" and "Modereko"). as you probably knowlately he's been playing with "Phil & Friends" & "Planet Drum" and of coursebefore that we did "The Other Ones" tour together... Bob Gross, our bass player, is an L.A. native and has played with alot of really great people over the years such as Albert King, DelaneyBramlett, Jim Stafford, Bobbie Gentry... and Charro (?!). as well as being adeeply pocketed groove player he brings his positive vibe and a greatsinging voice to the party... The Right Reverend Arlan Schierbaum is our krazy keyboardist... healso plays with 70s funkmasters "Mandrill" as well as The Pointer Sisters &Corey Stevens. He is constantly playing with anyone & everyone...broadeninghis already wonderfully eclectic musical trick bag. He specializes invintage keyboards with emphasis on Hammond Organ and Wurlitzer electricpiano incorporating an insane world of unexpected effects into the stew andmaking some of the wildest, coolest sounds I've heard out of any keyboard!as he puts it: "I am happiest sharing music with people that comes from theheart and lifts the spirit to a higher plane of existence."

Track List:
1- Don't Look Back
2- U Can Stay But Th' Noize Mus' Go
3- Rock Your Papa
4- Memphis Radio
5- Time Will Tell
6- My Car is So Groovy
7- Bait the Hook
8- She
9- Annie Don't Lie