Jarvis Humby - Assume the Position, It's...Jarvis Humby CD

Try as we might, no one here can think of a name more British sounding than Jarvis Humby. He clearly must be the king of mod-swingers, this Humby character. What you say? Jarvis Humby is actually four blokes? Well then, they've set themselves up to quite a task with a name like that. Fortunately, these Humby boys deliver everything they promise. Pure liquid adrenalin R&B, complete with fuzzed guitars, white-boy blues vocals and an omnipresent Hammond that coats everything with a 1964 flavor. "99 Steps to the Sun" could be the official follow-up to the Mysterians' "96 Tears," but they don't leave it at that. Opener "We Say Yeah!" is excellent if typical garage rock until the closing holler of "Yeah, yeah yeah" that you can imagine soundtracking the toga party scene in Animal House (originally filled by Lloyd Williams' "Shout"). "These Eyes" sounds like R.E.M. sounding like the Byrds, with it's antique 12-string tumble and "The 4th Man" is pure spy show/surf guitar goodness. Coming complete with white pants and Fender reverb, Jarvis Humby will make you want to grow your bangs, pop a couple of pep pills and head on down to Brighton to dance around and fight with the rockers. Vintage!

1 We Say Yeah! - 2:36 mp3
2 These Eyes - 2:54 mp3
3 99 Steps to the Sun - 3:18 mp3
4 TV 200 - 2:59 mp3
5 Vampyros Hetros - 3:28 mp3
6 Oh Baby (I Believe I'm Losing You) - 3:13 mp3
7 Badger - 3:02 mp3
8 Black Cat - 3:14 mp3
9 Let Me Take You There - 2:49
10 The 4th Man - 1:32
11 Formaldehyde - 2:31
12 Ain't No Friend of Mine - 2:49
13 Majestic 12 - 2:59
14 Man with the X-Ray Eyes - 2:52

Originally released 2004, re-released 2008

"Hundreds of bands try to do the same thing as Jarvis Humby: soul-soaked, British-invasion style Rock n Roll, replete with Hammond organ and rolling basslines. Unlike most of those other bands, Jarvis Humby hits every note on all cylinders." - Newcity Chicago