Jam On Guitars CD

The Jam Band Culture has produced some of the most inventive and diverse music that the rock genre has seen in a long time. Influences from blues to folk to jazz and back to hard rock are intertwined, combined and refined.The guitar has been the instrument that all this musical abundance is built around. Magnatude records has captured performances by some of the leading lights in this field. "Jam On Guitars" illustrates the fact that it's not about technique. It is about substance.Steve Morse, Jake Cinninger, Alex Skolnick and Michael Lee Firkins join an outstanding line up of players.

1. Took The Words Right Outta My Mouth Michael Lee Firkins
2. Free In The Park Steve Morse
3. Scorch (feat. Charlie Hunter) Alex Skolnick Trio
4. Dance To The Music (feat. Charlie Hitchcock, Fareed Haque & Michael Lee Firkins) The Clinton Administration
5. Gulab Jammin The Fareed Haque Group
6. Downside Up (feat. Mike Stern) Oz Noy
7. Lake Shore Drive (feat. Chris Poland & Jake Cinninger) Ohmphrey
8. Flashlight (feat. Phil Upchurch) The Clinton Administration
9. Dump Truck (feat. Will Bernard) Robert Walter's 20th Congress
10. Rome (feat. Cameron Williams & Jess Franklin) Tishamingo
11. Disdots (feat. Ed Wynne) Ozric Tentacles
12. Starlite Jamboree (feat. Jerry Garcia & Mark Karan) Bill Cutler

Release date 10.13.2009