Hot Tuna - The Phosphorescent Rat CD (remastered)

Serving as a sort of bridge between Hot Tuna's phases of acoustic blues and electric rock, 1973's The Phosphorescent Rat benefits from the transitional period that the band was in at the time. Gone are the fiddle and harmonica of early Tuna, and the latter-day power-trio sound is not quite there, so this appealing disc finds a mix of the stripped-down trio sound and a more powerful style of songwriting.

1. I See The Light mp3
2. Letter To The North Star mp3
3. Easy Now mp3
4. Corners Without Exits mp3
5. Day To Day Out The Window Blues mp3
6. In The Kingdom mp3
7. Seeweed Strut mp3
8. Living Just For You mp3
9. Soliloquy For 2 mp3
10. Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From? mp3