Harriet Tubman - I Am A Man CD

Brandon Ross(guitar)
Melvin Gibbs(bass)
J.T. Lewis(drums)

Harriet Tubman is about the journey to musical freedom; interplay within an ancestral sonic vocabulary. It defies category while defining a contemporary musical terrain that transcends boundaries. It's pure music -- visceral and visionary. This is Harriet Tubman.

1- Savannah mp3
2- Where We Stand mp3
3- Hards Dry mp3
4- Adapted mp3
5- Take Out mp3
6- High Black Skin mp3
7- Asiatic Research mp3
8- Moly mp3
9- Frozen Fire mp3
10- Irridescent Shark Skin Suit mp3
11- 2 Man Army mp3
12- Re-Adapted