Guy Clark - Keepers: A Live Recording CD

Songwriting legend Guy Clark doesn't merely compose songs; he projects images and characters with the kind of hands-on care and respect of a literary master. Clark works slowly and with strict attention to detail, and has produced an impressive collection of timeless gems, leaving very little waste behind. The emotional level of his work, as well as the admiration and esteem of his peers, consistently transcends sales figures and musical genres. Clark continues to be the type of songwriter whom young artists study and seasoned writers (as well as discriminating listeners) revere.

Tough, bare-boned and dryly sentimental, his beautiful songs reflect the man himself and display an old-fashioned masculinity that emphasizes honesty, integrity and carefully chosen words, rather than bluster and pomp. His recordings are full of craggy, wistful story-songs, and his plain-spoken delivery lends itself to his persona. Guy Clark remains a national treasure and folk icon, creating masterful, poignant melodies and insightful lyrics that speak to the heart. In 2004, he was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Foundation's Songwriters Hall of Fame, and was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Songwriting by the Americana Music Association in 2005.

Keepers is an intimate live recording with a great band that includes Darrell Scott!

1. L.A. Freeway mp3
2. Texas, 1947 mp3
3. Like a Coat from the Cold mp3
4. Heartbroke mp3
5. The Last Gunfighter Ballad mp3
6. Better Days mp3
7. Homegrown Tomatoes mp3
8. She Ain't Going Nowhere mp3
9. South Coast of Texas mp3
10. That Old Time Feeling mp3
11. A Little of Both
12. Out in the Parking Lot
13. Let Him Roll
14. Texas Cookin'
15. Desperados Waiting for a Train

Released 1997